Update: It?s been almost a year and I can?t imagine my life without wash pro. They save me hours and hours of energy and time each month so that I can spend time with my family while maintaining the standards I would keep myself. Keep up the amazing work guys!! As a new-ish mom who needs major help on the home-front, I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful service than Washpro! I have never used a pick up/drop off laundry service before and I might never go back. From beginning to end the process is incredibly easy. The app makes things very convenient. You select the kind of detergent you want, you can upload your payment info and notes about your order and watch the process of everything. The girl who picked up the clothes and the man who dropped them off were very very nice, and to me the price is affordable for the value you receive. Everything was packaged beautifully and arrived cleaner than I could have done. Sorry about the difficult parking but I will remind you where you can double park… Happy New Year!!
Samantha Lennon

Riverdale, Bronx