Experience Washpro’s upgraded Pickup and Drop Off Laundry Service Near Me, now featuring a full range of options including laundry and expert dry cleaning in your locality.

Designed to cater to your specific needs, Washpro ensures excellent treatment for all your textiles, easing your daily routine and providing perfect laundry results every time.

Pickup and Drop Off Laundry Service Near Me from Washpro


Washpro Laundry Pickup Service


Washpro does it all

Washpro Laundry Service Pickup Delivery - We do it all

Wash and Fold

Washpro, your local pickup and drop off laundry service near me, streamlines your laundry tasks. We offer convenient pick-up, use premium detergents for washing, provide thorough drying, and neatly fold your clothes. Enjoy spotless, ready-to-wear garments with our effortless service.

Dry Cleaning

Our Dry Cleaning service excels in caring for delicate and special garments. We use advanced techniques for everything from suits to silks, ensuring each piece is returned in top condition while maintaining fabric quality and appearance.

Hang Dry

Hang Dry service is perfect for delicate items. We gently wash and then hang dry your garments, preserving their shape and texture, ideal for clothes that can’t handle regular drying. Trust us for the special care your delicate pieces need.

Laundered Shirts

Our’s Laundered Shirt Service delivers spotless, crisply pressed shirts ready to wear. Focused on stain removal and perfect finishing of collars and cuffs, it’s ideal for keeping your shirts in top shape for any professional or formal event.


Washpro – Pickup and Drop Off Laundry Service Near Me

Washpro is a lifesaver! They save me so much time, and they always do a great job on my clothes. My clothes are always soft, smell good, and come back folded. They pick up and deliver as scheduled. I highly recommend them.

Monique Anderson


Washpro is fantastic! It is so convenient that they are able to pick up, wash, and drop off my laundry. They are quick, efficient, and extremely courteous. They have a lifelong customer in me! I highly recommend them!
Alan Gray


Fast, professional, and reliable. The pick up and drop off service is seamless. Can pay online and they deliver on time always. I recommend to anyone in and around the Yonkers /Hastings area.                                    
Betsy Ogando


Life saving service during the pandemic. They take extremely good care of my clothes and do a much better job of it than I do myself. Folding, separating, and delivery are impeccable. Treat yourself.                                  
Kitty L.


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