Experience unparalleled efficiency with Washpro’s Commercial Laundry Service.

Tailored for businesses of all types, our state-of-the-art solutions guarantee impeccable cleanliness for your linens and uniforms.

Let Washpro handle your laundry needs, so you can focus on what you do best.

Commercial Laundry Service by Washpro

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Commercial Laundry Service

Businesses we serve

Commercial Laundry Service by Washpro - BY Industry


Serving the spa industry, Washpro’s commercial laundry service has been transforming the client experience one towel and robe at a time.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

For gyms and fitness centers, Washpro’s commercial laundry service has been keeping towels and facility linens fresh and ready for the next workout.

Hotels, Motels and Airbnb

Already a trusted name in the hotel, motel, and Airbnb sectors, Washpro’s commercial laundry service has been elevating guest comfort with meticulously laundered linens.


For salons, Washpro’s commercial laundry service has been a game-changer, ensuring towels, capes, and aprons are always pristine and ready for the next client.

Bakeries and Restaurants

In the bakery and restaurant scenes, Washpro’s bulk laundry service has been keeping table linens and staff uniforms spotless, contributing to a memorable dining experience.

Hospitals and Doctor's offices

In hospitals and doctors’ offices, Washpro’s commercial laundry service excels in handling bulk laundry needs, ensuring sanitized linens and uniforms are always at the ready.

Senior Living and Old Age Homes

In senior living centers, Washpro separately manages both room and facility laundry for personalized, efficient service.

Dorms and Universities

In hostels and dorms, Washpro effectively manages both individual and communal laundry, keeping each separate for precise, reliable service.

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Our commercial laundry services

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Uniform Cleaning

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Products we service

Hospitality Linens:

Hotel sheets, towels, bathrobes, and tablecloths.

Healthcare Textiles:

Hospital gowns, bed linens, scrubs, and lab coats.

Restaurant Linens:

Tablecloths, napkins, chef wear, and aprons.

Corporate Uniforms:

Office wear, security uniforms, and corporate suits.

Industrial Workwear:

Overalls, protective clothing, and hi-vis jackets.

Fitness and Spa Towels:

Gym towels, yoga mats, and spa linens.

Educational Linens:

School uniforms, lab coats, and sports team uniforms.

Beauty and Salon Towels:

Towels, robes, and capes for salons and barbershops.

Event and Catering Linens:

Table linens, chair covers, and decorative fabrics

Transport and Aviation Textiles:

Airline blankets, bus seat covers, and crew uniforms.


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Why Washpro?


The Outsourcing Advantage

When you outsource your laundry needs to Washpro, a personalized plan that fits your specific requirements is what you get.

Stain-Free, Worry-Free

Got stubborn stains? No worries. Washpro’s commercial laundry service will handle them expertly, thanks to specialized detergents.

Clear and Simple

A perk of outsourcing to Washpro is receiving itemized invoices along with real-time data, simplifying both your budgeting and inventory management.

Convenient and Efficient

Let Washpro handle the heavy lifting. Our pickup and delivery services are both efficient and customized to the count and weight of your items.

One-Stop Shop

Imagine getting all your laundry needs met in one place. Washpro makes it happen, offering everything from washing to ironing.

Your Schedule, Our Service

Flexibility is a key benefit when you choose Washpro. We work around your schedule for pickups and deliveries, offering you ultimate convenience.

Eco-Friendly and Effective

Being eco-conscious? Washpro aligns with your values. We use environmentally friendly methods in our commercial laundry services.

Feel the Difference

It’s not just about cleanliness. When you get your clothes back from Washpro, you’ll notice they?re not just clean but also soft to the touch.

Scale as You Grow

As your business expands, so do our services. Washpro can easily adapt to meet your growing laundry needs.

Quick and Quality Service

In a hurry? That?s no problem for Washpro. We prioritize both speed and quality in our commercial laundry service.

Honest Billing

With Washpro, what you see is what you get. Transparency in billing ensures you?re never caught off guard by unexpected costs.