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Digital Ordering & Tracking

Schedule and track your order online, using our online ordering service on our website or mobile app. You can also call or text us to place or track your order.

24/7 Sales and Service availability

Our dedicated Response Center comprising of Sales and Service agents are available to you 24/7. All issues and enquires can be directed to our team at (800) 461-5004 or info@washproinc.com.

Reliable Service

We don’t miss any deliveries, we are always on time, and our combination of people, processes, products and technology always helps us ensure that we only hear praises / positive feedback from our customers and not hear any complaints.

Personalized care

We make sure that your orders are processed in line with your requested specifications. Whether you want us to use special or organic detergents and softeners, or you’d like us to segregate your darks from whites, we follow your order specification to the dot. We make sure to provide you a personalized experience every time you use our service.

Lowest prices, yet superior quality

We offer flexible pricing and guarantee excellent quality at lowest prices. We pride ourselves in providing a complete array of laundry and dry-cleaning services to our customers, ensuring that we meet highest quality standards while keeping our prices extremely competitive.

Fastest Turn-around Time (TAT)

We work around your schedule and provide same day service. We work 7 days a week, even on public holidays. Whatever your TAT requirement is, we can match that like nobody can. Given our network of vehicle fleet and processing centers, you can always be assured that your pickup and delivery will always be on time.

24/7 Service Availability