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Pool and gym laundry service by Washpro transforms the way fitness centers and health clubs manage cleanliness. From towels that feel like new to flawlessly folded exercise mats, we’ve got all the bases covered.

We offer real-time inventory tracking and itemized invoicing, making it easy for you to manage your gym or fitness center’s laundry needs. Partner with Washpro for pool and gym laundry service, and elevate the cleanliness and efficiency of your facility.

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Pool and Gym Laundry Service by Washpro

Robes to Wrap up Luxury

Robes are more than just fabric; they’re a full experience. The touch, the smell, and the overall ambiance of a robe can make or break a guest’s impression of your facility. Each robe is not just laundered but is returned in a state of pure elegance, amplifying the comfort and luxury that your facility provides.

Towels for Workout and Yoga Mats

Yoga and workout mat towels are the base on which your customers perform their exercises. Their cleanliness sets the mood for a comfortable and satisfying workout. Each towel is laundered to perfection, aligning with your facility’s commitment to excellence.

Everything Under One Roof

Washpro offers a one-stop solution for all your pool and gym laundry needs. From towels to robes to staff uniforms, we’ve got it all covered. Choose Washpro not just as a laundry service, but as a partner in offering a premium experience to your customers. It’s not just about the wash, it’s about elevating the comfort and satisfaction of your clientele.

Towels That Set the Mood

Towels are more than just a simple utility; they act as your gym and pool’s business card. Our pool and gym laundry service ensures that your towels aren’t just cleaned, but are also flawlessly folded and ready to use. Your guests will not just feel comfortable but will also appreciate the added touch of luxury you provide.

Aprons and Staff Uniforms

Staff uniforms and aprons may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about a gym or pool, but they’re vital. A clean and well-maintained uniform is a reflection of your facility’s overall cleanliness and reliability. We ensure that each piece is laundered and maintained to the highest standards, letting your staff focus on providing exceptional service.

Caps and Headgear

Often overlooked but always important, caps and headgear are integral to a seamless gym and pool experience. Each item is meticulously cleaned and ready for your next customer, adding to the overall quality and hygiene of your facility.

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